Patient Experience

The Tudor Group inspires healthcare professionals to transformthe patient experience, elevating it to world-class standards.  We are healthcare professionals in the business of enhancing the patient experience with solutions that drive outcome measures including publicly reported and financially incentivized HCAHPS scores.  Serving hamburgers and shakes or delivering room service can not be compared to caring for a failing patient while the family sits by their side. With over two decades of healthcare experience, we employ cutting edge data-driven solutions that are supported by the latest research and are proven effective in the healthcare industry. 

We do not simply employ tactics to raise scores; we provide strategic direction and assist in building an infrastructure to sustain the delivery of outstanding patient centered care.  We provide the full perspective on improving the patient experience; including process improvement/redesign, education, simulation, and a full range of organization development offerings.  

Medicare reimbursement will soon be significantly impacted by the value based purchasing program as set forth by the Accountable Care Act.  Thirty percent of the total Medicare hold back will be based on the Patient Experience Domains of the HCAHPS survey. In order for hospitals to receive this reimbursement, achievement of thresholds, improvement, and consistency of HCAHPS scores in the eight patient experience domains must be attained.  Additionally, plans are in motion to apply this same reimbursement formula to ambulatory care sites and even physician practices. 


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