Patient Experience Services

We are an independent firm not affiliated with a survey provider; we offer the following services to hospitals, outpatient centers, and physician practices:


 Survey Advising and Analysis

  • Is your survey useful and effective?  If you are using a vendor survey (i.e. Press Ganey, Picker) we provide advice on survey design and content beyond the HCAHPS standards.  The majority of surveys are too long and may not provide actionable data. 
  • What does the data really mean, what are your patients saying?  We help analyze your data to discover what is really driving your patient experience scores.  What are the actionable items that you need to focus on to improve the experience of your patients and visitors?
  • How do you report your scores both internally and externally, and communicate this information to those that need it?  We work with you to create meaningful reports and communication plans that are easily deployed throughout your facility and beyond. We also create tracking mechanisms so you can quickly see the trends in your data and react accordingly.

Action Planning and Follow-Up

  • What do you do with the data?  We work with your teams to turn the data into actionable plans that can be executed quickly.  We help manage the plans and coach and mentor your teams throughout the deployment.  Our consultants are also experts in project management and Lean and Six Sigma process improvement methodologies so sustainability and efficiency are always a top priority. 
  • How does the data link to other areas such as clinical quality and employee and physician satisfaction.  Our team works across departments and disciplines to explore correlations and develop strategies to address the broad gammit of variables that effect the patient experience.

Education and On-Going Support

  • How do you get everyone on-board and supportive of the efforts?  Knowledge is power and your staff must have the knowledge to improve the patient experience and understand the progress being made by their efforts.  
  • As part of the action planning and deployment process, we offer action learning workshops and facilitated sessions for both leadership and staff.  These educational sessions cover analysis and interpreation of survey scores, as well as tools and techniques to enhance patient experience and create true patient engagement and loyalty.  The solutions presented in the workshops are directly linked to the survey analysis and reports, and are designed to create an exceptional patient experience and drive survey scores.  Additionally, the education is directly linked to your action plans via project assignments that are coached and mentored by our team. 
  • Experiential learning is a powerfull tool. We therefore offer simulation as an experiental learning strategy to allow employees to experience challenging patient or family situations in a controlled and safe environment.  
  • Leaders at all levels are key. Therefore we provide leadership development programs to enhance your leaders’ skills to support the patient experience program and further drive patient engagement
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